Friday, June 24, 2005

Hungry Jack Lake History by Maryanne Norton, 1998

A well-known story is that of the naming of Hungry Jack Lake. By the fall and early winter of 1873/74, federal surveyors were working in the area. They camped on the shore of an unnamed lake. When food ran very low, two of the surveyors snowshoed into Grand Marais while guide Andrew Jackson (Jack) Scott remained. Two weeks later as they approached the camp, one surveyor called out, "Are you hungry, Jack?" The lake immediately was named Hungry Jack Lake, inspired by Jack Scott’s two weeks of hunger and thirst. For complete History go to Hungry Jack Lake.


Anonymous Dan Nelson said...

Does anyone have some good history about the gangster who had a cabin on Hungry Jack?

What about other underworld stories? I have heard some resorts had slot machines back in the day. Would they have been legal?

9:23 AM  

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